USgathering is a Madison organization that creates people ­powered social sculpture projects.

USgathering is an independently funded art organization that works with communities to develop sustainable programs. We work with children, families, schools, educators, designers, civic leaders and community institutions to generate large­ scale participatory pieces from everyday materials that would otherwise end up discarded as waste. the project, combines participatory workshops, energetic public / collective activities, specific materials gathering initiatives, Schools and offices visits, development of monumental pieces, abstract art, alternative education, and environmental activism. USgathering is constantly exploring local resources for the practice, but also, possibilities for collaborative social sculpture projects with institutions, individuals and organizations. USgathering’s efforts during the last year include collaborations and specific projects with the Madison Art Commission (Public art pieces grant), the Madison Public Library (the Meadowridge Art Project, artist in residence), the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center (ARTinside), the UW Arboretum, The UW Nelson Institute, and some visits and activities in different schools  like Glacier Edge Elementary School in Verona. In 2015 Usgathering is developing projects with Dane Arts and Edgewood College, among others.